Technology Assessment  

      and Competitive Analysis

“State of the art” awareness is an important aspect of the product development process. Our staff has a broad technical background and has reviewed the state of the art in such diverse technologies as:

· Soil and rock drilling technologies

· Steering-while-drilling technologies

· Position determining systems for above and below ground objects

· Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and acoustical/seismic technologies

· Methods for the backfill and compaction of excavations

· Effective technologies for street and road pothole repair

Technology Assessment may involve the study of present commercial utilization, the search and review of patents and technical papers, interviews of leading experts, exploratory testing, and other activities.

Competitive Analysis often goes hand-in-hand with Technology Assessment. Staff has reviewed particular firms and industry segments as well as evaluated the make-up and performance of specific products.

Technology Advisors

Consulting Engineers