Intellectual Property and Patents

Intellectual property goes beyond being simply an idea. Patents, copyrights, and trade secrets are common means of protecting intellectual property. Dr. Stangl has worked closely with inventors and patent lawyers in the protection of intellectual property, primarily through Prior Art Patent Searches, Applications for Patent Protection, and Evaluations of Patent Infringement.

Beginning with the initial documenting of an invention on through the final draft application for patent protection, attention to detail and accuracy are highly important. Inventors may not be willing or capable of these efforts. They may not understand their duty to disclose the “best mode” for the invention, and may be unfamiliar with other aspects of patent law. For example: the description of the invention cannot be enhanced after the patent application is filed (unless a continuation-in-part application can be filed). Likewise, a sketchy provisional application is difficult to later expand into a meaningful patent application (which must be filed within 12 months).

Summary examples of our work in this area are given here.