Biography - Gerald A. Stangl, Ph.D., P.E. 

·  Principal of Technology Advisors since 2001

· New Product R&D Manager for The Charles Machine Works, Inc. (the Perry, OK based makers of Ditch Witch® underground construction equipment and related products)

· BS & MS degrees in agricultural engineering from South Dakota State University and a Ph.D. degree from Oklahoma State University – all with a "power and machinery" slant

Experience and Capability Highlights:

· Engineering consultant primarily focusing on intellectual property matters – such as patent searches and reviews, counteracting of competitive patents, and the writing of provisional patent applications. Numerous prior art patent searches have been conducted, including: various mechanical devices, electronics, automation, and a manufacturing process. More than a dozen provisional patent applications have been written for clients. Examples are the published US patent applications 20040188142 and 20050102866 as well as issued US patents 6,827,158 and 7,111,693. (Co-inventor on some of these and other patents.)

· Authored the request for proposals, contractor selection criteria, and draft contract for the US Horizontal Directional Drilling Industry Consortium’s efforts in developing “Good HDD Installation Practices Guidelines”.  Extensive input and comments were given toward the first edition and again for its 2008 update.

· Authored and presented a number of technical papers, most recently a paper entitled “Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Systems for Pilot Bore Drilling in Mixed Soil Conditions and Rock” presented via WebEx during the Mega Drill Show in New Delhi, India, December 2008.

· Primary focus much of last 20 years at Charles Machine Works was to create new product concepts for the "trenchless" installation of underground utilities, particularly in the area of near surface Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and the related electronics for guiding the drill head. For instance: served as project manager during the first two years of contract funded by The Japan Gas Association to develop a highly automated “intelligent” HDD system. Responsible for writing extensive interim and year-end reports.

· Familiar with other trenchless technologies for new installation of underground services, as well as for replacement and for rehabilitation of existing underground services. With respect to "trenchless" equipment for new installations, this includes familiarity with microtunneling systems, pipe jacking and pipe driving techniques. With respect to pipe replacement, familiarity includes various types of hydraulic and pneumatic bursting devices, pipe splitting devices, and pipe-disintegrating HDD reamers. In the rehabilitation area, awareness of techniques for liner insertion and for cured-in-place lining of pipes is maintained.

· Reviewed various technologies used (or potentially useful) for location and mapping of underground utilities. Used or participated in evaluation of several of these systems.  Some of this occurred during cooperative efforts on Gas Technology Institute sponsored research projects. Their funding was awarded, in part, through input to the technical proposals of the outside research firms and by the writing of detailed commercialization plans.

Additional details available upon request